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  Homeland Security, Inc

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We protect thousands of families throughout the United States.

We use cutting edge computer technology to provide instantaneous product support and 24-hour protection for your home and family.

Homeland Security, Inc. gives you and your family peace of mind in the event of an emergency anytime day or night.

Defending your home and family against the threat of invasion, burglary or forced entry.

One of the best home security companies in the United States.

About the Author:

Scott Bearden founded Homeland Security Inc.  with a single goal – to shake up the security industry and show customers that it can be done differently, that it can be done better. The security industry needs a shot in the arm. Scott  brings a fresh perspective that is based on common sense as well as top quality service based on clients being so pleased they do advertising for Homeland Security Inc.. Homeland Security Inc. is not a sales organization, it is a security engineering firm owned and managed by men and woman that know if they do not do the job over and above the competition than you will  not give them any referrals. Our mission is to help you protect yourself by providing you with the tools and the knowledge to do so.. Scott’s areas of expertise are security and automation systems, the cohesive integration of heterogeneous devices, QoS in wireless networks, instrumentation radar and motion control, distributed system design, real-time operating systems, reliable embedded systems, discrete event simulators, Internet and web based software, and project management.

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301-452-3450 cell or 1-866-840-9992


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