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*NO COST AT ALL for equipment for referrals,

New Homeowners, and Special Promotions Department.

Number of sensors to be determined by security consultant.

**No trip charges or charges for batteries or removal of equipment.

Your  Homeland Security, Inc. customized alarm monitoring unit performs vital functions of security monitoring for fire, intrusion and other emergencies.

Homeland Security alarm company uses only the best and highest rated security monitoring equipment by General Eletric Simon, XT and concord.


Your home's security is a top priority, however, your busy lifestyle keeps you on the run.  Work, soccer games, dance recitals, baseball practice and weekend fun means you're not always at home.  It is nice to know your Homeland Security Inc. home security alarm is programmed to alert the authorities in any emergency.  SMOKE DETECTORS, FIRE ALARMS, HOME MONITORING, CARBON MONOXIDE ALARMS, VIDEO SURVEILLANCE, TWO-WAY AUDIO verification and more are available.  Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that while you’re on the run, Homeland Security is on the job providing you with a security alarm system and home security monitoring that will keep your home and family safe.


A Business Alarm System is vital to any type of commercial establishment. Homeland Security, Inc. provides COMMERCIAL SECURITY ALARM and COMMERCIAL VIDEO SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS to protect your property and inventory against theft and vandalism. Businesses using security monitoring technology have lower overall inventory shrinkage than those that do not. A monitored security alarm system from Homeland Security Inc. can maximize protection for your business.


MEDICAL SECURITY MONITORING SYSTEMS provide safety for the elderly and the sickly. From wearable to personal location sensors, these small safety devices enable independent living and provide peace of mind to concerned family members and caregivers. If a MEDICAL EMERGENCY signal is received at our monitoring center and we can not contact anyone on your premises, an ambulance will be dispatched immediately.
Homeland Security, Inc. 


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