The majority of home owners are simply uninformed about home security.

  Unfortunately, opportunistic security alarm companies take advantage and sell systems that maximize their profit instead of maximizing your security.

   Homeland Security Inc.’s Exclusive D-Fence Program

        Discourage the threat.

        Detect the threat.

        Delay the threat.

        Document the threat.

        Disable the threat.


   We work with you to develop a security plan specific to your home that implements the D-Fence program. The D-Fence provides maximum security, protection and peace of mind for you and your loved ones without going over the top and costing a fortune or inhibiting your life style.

  Discourage the threat means don’t be a target. Your behavior and the appearance of your environment are your first line of defense. Don’t be vulnerable and don’t appear to be vulnerable. We will show you how.

  Detect the threat means having a system in place to detect the intruder as early as possible. The further away the threat is from you, your family and your valuables when detected the more time you have to react. This is where your security alarm comes into play, but your security alarm is only a tool to help you achieve one aspect of Homeland Security Inc.’s D-Fence total security. Homeland Security Inc.  provides the most secure and easy to use security alarms in the industry.

  Delay the threat means delaying the intruder from reaching you, your family and your valuables as long as possible. The longer it takes the intruder to reach his target the more likely he will give up and flee or get caught. It also gives you time to assess the situation and respond properly. On average it takes more than 10 minutes for the police to arrive when your alarm goes off. You can’t just detect the threat, you have to delay the threat. Has your alarm company ever helped you with this? Homeland Security Inc. does.

  Document the threat means recording evidence that can be used to track down and prosecute the intruder as well as to learn from the intruder’s methods and improve your security plan for the future. Homeland Security Inc. does this like nobody else by using state of the art security technology.

  Disable the threat is your last resort method of defense. If the intruder reaches you or your family you must have the means to disable him from causing harm. Homeland Security Inc.  offers practical and effective training on self defense, giving you a fighting chance to save yourself and those you love.

     As a Homeland Security Inc.  customer you get a plan to cover every aspect of the D-Fence. We educate you, install your system, train you and monitor your property. Other companies help you detect the threat with a simple security alarm but they stop there. Nobody else in the business can match the Homeland Security Inc.  D-Fence and since we offer it as a complete package we can save you money. Call us at (866)840-9992 to learn more.

D - Fence 
  Homeland Security, Inc

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