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Scott Bearden

  Home builders have a problem – keeping the property secured during construction. From the day you break ground to the day you hand over the keys, the security of that property is your responsibility. Of course you have insurance but what happens to your premiums if/when you make those claims? It’s coming out of your pocket one way or another.

  Homeland Security Inc. has the solution – we secure your sites from start to finish… and beyond. Our home construction packages provide you reasonable protection for every stage of the build in the most efficient way – we utilize the equipment that’s going in for the buyer to protect the property during the build. The buyer helps fund it because they’re going to use it when they move in. We call it construction sense.

Make the best choice for both you and your buyer. Use Homeland securityInc. as your low voltage provider for all your new builds.

      Managing Employees & Subcontractors: Virtual foreman that sees it all.

  What’s the difference between managing workers and herding cats? When you’re managing workers you can easily keep track of what’s happening on site via our cellular smart remote control system. Know immediately who unlocks the door and when. Know exactly when the thermostat is changed and adjust it yourself remotely. Look in remotely to what’s happening whenever you want. We even log it all in the cloud for you to review later. No Internet connection needed!

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