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We are not just an alarm company, security alarms are only a part of what we do.

Residential security has long been treated as a commodity and we’re here to change that. Homeland Security, INC. provides you with real home security. We give you the tools you need to protect yourself and your loved ones.

  1. We assess your home and develop a security plan specifically for you. Others slap in a one-size-fits-all alarm that maximizes their profits but not your security.

  2. We harden your doors and windows to prevent intruders from getting to you. Others sound an alarm to tell you you’re being attacked but do nothing to prevent it.

  3. We train you on how to effectively use your equipment in emergency situations. Others hand you the keys to the car but never teach you how to drive it.

  4. We educate you and guide you, helping you meet your own security goals. Others use pushy salesmen and scare tactics hoping to sell you something you might not really need.

  5. We put ourselves in your shoes and win your business through honesty, integrity and top-notch service. Others have simply become lazy and feel entitled to your business.

Comprehensive Security Engineering

Whether it’s security cameras, security alarms, perimeter detection, doors, windows, locks, and even home automation and remote access control, Homeland Security, INC. is way ahead of the curve and we’re not looking back. Using our exclusive D-Fence program, we are able to provide maximum security, protection and peace of mind for you and your loved ones without costing a fortune or inhibiting your lifestyle.

Before you go with one of the same old traditional security alarm companies call Homeland Security, INC. at (866) 840-9992 to learn what the home security business should be, where it’s going, where we are now.

Surveillance Cameras

Everything from the highest performance luxury surveillance systems to simple home camera/DVR systems.

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Access Control Systems

Homeland Security INC, provides the most effective access control systems – from 1 door to many hundreds of doors.

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Remote Control

Controlling your security and automation system remotely over the Internet from your smart-phone and laptop increases convenience, security and your peace of mind

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Energy Management

Solar Gard’s architectural solar control window films help cut energy expenditures by up to 30%.

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Medical Emergencies

Homeland Security INC, proudly provides a plethora of home automation and convenience solutions helping make life more livable for those who need it most.

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Security Alarms

Homeland Security INC,  doesn’t work like outdated alarm systems you’ve seen before. Instead of being tied to a phone line, which can easily be cut and disabled, our proven technology platform works wirelessly through advanced GSM cell phone towers to maintain a dedicated and secure connection.

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Home Automation

A feature-rich home automation and energy management solution allowing you to have complete remote control of the critical systems at your property with any web-enabled computer or mobile device. Easily manage your lights, locks and thermostat settings from anywhere, at any time.

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